Solution for your luxury packaging

Top-quality and innovation-oriented production supported by broad experience and investments in new top production technologies each year ranks us among the leaders in cardboard and paper boxes manufacturers in Central Europe.

Individual approach to projects, fast introduction of new products in production, advanced plants in the Czech Republic and related short delivery terms are valued by many customers from all over Europe.

Automated case wrapping lines enable production of boxes in large number, with short delivery terms, competitive prices and in top quality. Internal team of experienced engineers is in charge of adjusting the automatic case wrapping lines in order to make new products.

For special orders featuring complicated construction design the company utilizes a special manual production department where the number of employees can be flexibly increased to reach up to several hundred persons based on our customers’ needs.


The company is innovative in introducing robotic automation in many production plants in order to guarantee higher quality and efficiency of production.

Automated paper case making machines used to cover cardboard boxes with special paper are employed especially for fine wine and spirits producers.

Finished products are exported all over the world. The company has sufficient warehouse facilities and a logistic centre at its disposal.

If a package consists of several components or if the customer needs to put his product in a package, the company offers a large completion centre where turnkey products are prepared.