GZ media

The GZ media Company, which ranks among the leading companies in their line of business, is about to extend its current production and start producing luxury packaging.

Key to success is vast experience and established standards of production, which are essential in this branch of industry.


The main pillars of the product quality are represented primarily by traditional production procedures, which have been improved and adapted to various production segments since 1948. Owing to our strategic position in the Czech Republic our customers are offered lower production costs which guarantee lower prices of our products in comparison with Western Europe.

We put emphasis on details which make sense as part of a sophisticated construction and production technology concerning our products.
Our successful cooperation is based on luxury packaging tailored to our customers’ needs while reflecting our customers’ visions.
that is why our priority lies in high-quality design which unites our technical experience, high-quality functional aesthetics and, above all, low production related costs.
The philosophy of our company, to move the limits of established standards hand in hand with individual approach to every order, makes us one of the leaders in printing in Central Europe.